dream to sleep

chasing butterflies
she runs through a field
her playtime dress
floats in the wind

another landscape
catches her eye
she smiles and laughs
all the way there

she skips right through
cares far from her thoughts
kicks off the shoes
and runs . . . faster faster
the cold dirt under her feet
gives a quick chill

an old tree root comes to view
she trips before she can clear it
her knees are skinned
but she doesnt feel a thing

the cliff nearby has her attention
off she runs to see what’s there
theres a kite on the ground
she tosses it up and it catches air

the kite breaks free and shes off again
running to a big twisted tree
she giggles as she runs up to it
and climbs on the old tire swing

a middle-aged woman suddenly wakes
from her deep slumber
she winces as she accidentally rubs
her freshly bruised arm

she hurries to dress
and dares not make a sound
she starts the coffee
and fixes his breakfast. . . .

(c)2006 rowan lore


the rose

standing with a single rose
an intoxicating aroma
she breathes it in and smiles

up a ways in the path
stands a man with a promise
she takes a step forward but stops

he lifts his arm and reaches out
she looks away, then back again
his eyes plead for her to come

she ignores him and stares at her rose
a petal falls gently to the ground
she frowns watching as more follow

he walks toward her with conviction
strong arms wrap around her waist
promises are whispered in her ear

she clinches the rose stem tight
thorns pierce her soft flesh
blood trickles down from her hand

“let go my love and let me in”
she turns her head away from him
he steps back and stares at her

her stance stays strong
she’s heard those words before
they always lead to agony

he looks at her and shakes his head
“if you cant trust me, dear . .
(pauses for effect) who can you trust?”

she’s met many others like him
and knew he only feared being alone
“me, i can trust in myself”

he turns and walks away from her
her grip on the rose softens
she dismisses him and tends to her cuts

maybe next time the voice will be real
the promise will hold some truth
and then she’ll drop her rose and let him in

standing with a single rose
an intoxicating aroma
she breathes it in and smiles

(c) 2007 rowan lore

synthetic cures

stash your soul
under the bed

now lay down
on pins and needles

keep your mind
impending thoughts of dread

close your eyes
you still see it

shadows move
beats harder and louder

darkness swallows light
exhausted from the day

sleep eludes you
you plead for an escape

synthetic cures
numbness sets in

now you can
through another night

(c)2007 rowan lore

the prisoner

a prisoner of your own device
locked away for an eternity

calling out your own judgement
a trial set by your fears

confined to a life of solitude
living in the shadows of doubt

the punishment protects you from harm
but also banishes you from love

a life sentence behind concrete walls
a fortress of darkness and anguish

pacing the floor time and after time
you end up down on your knees

pounding the floor with tightly drawn fists
leaves you bloodied and empty inside

roseary beads dangle from your praying hands
pleading for a make-believe pardon

bleeding hearts and angels of mercy
are looking down on your tortured soul

a beam of light splits your dark cell
the heat of the sun brings you warmth

true love is your key to freedom
but you chose to swallow it whole

a love that could be true
a love that could be yours

lies buried



inside your fearful soul. . .

(c) 2007 rowan lore


walking passively across a
wet cobblestone street
visions of yesterday
fade in and out of my mind

dense wet drizzle fogs the air
my body shudders from the cold
i seek shelter under a tree
and watch others hurry about

my desires hopes and dreams
lay adrift in my mind
my face becomes warmed
with streaming tears

i make no effort to stop
them nor hide them
numbness has taken over
my long lost soul

after a long deep breath
i pull my collar up high
and rejoin the crowd




(c) 2006 -rowan lore


darkness swallows

your bloody fingerprints
stain the ancient mirror

it’s all part of the hallucination
darkness closes in around you

tell me again why you’re here
in all your monstrous grace

despite all that you’ve become
your beauty is more than i can bear

my dreams are haunted each night
by the wails of a dark songbird

stop taking notes and believing in omens
you can’t convince me they’re real

your words disappear in the wind
floating away never to be heard again

the demons of night disturb my mind
my thoughts aren’t important any more

maybe i didn’t try hard enough
i do things without asking questions

but, maybe you’ll stay a little longer
at least until the dream finally ends

(C) 2007 rowan lore

hell is the only exit

it’s a certainty we’re all going to die
and nothing i’m saying has any meaning

everyone likes to display their scars
but no one really cares to see them

a moment of empathy and hidden truth
buries itself in a lifetime of lies

nothing protects us from who we are
when the time of judgment comes

the only way out is thru the gates of hell
we all line up like sacrificial lambs

the chaos and confusion shatters the air
loud and unrelenting screams go unheard

an eternity filled with unrequited loves
brimstone and fire exposes our painful pasts

memories replay nonstop thru our minds
of things that never should’ve happened

a countless number of souls run around us
begetting an overwhelming sense of lonliness

we reach out with our hearts filled with love
but are held back and forced to be helpless

every ounce of trust and hope are taken away
darkness clouds our vision and dreams

we wait

we wait

we wait

blinding light pierces the darkness from far above
a silouette of a creature hovering breaks the beam

fires flare up as it draws near to where we stand
we recoil in fear of not knowing whats to come

more creatures flutter in the air and linger in place
seemingly awaiting an unknown command

a voice from above sings out sweet and true
everything is answered and love envelopes us all

the light now reveals a sky full of beautiful angels
who lovingly collect all the tired, injured souls

i thank God and as gentle arms carry me away
my faith gave me eternal life and healed my heart

and hell is the only exit

(c) 2007 rowan lore

loved and lost

She wears a crown of thorns around her heart
A piece of her soul has been ripped apart

Her pleading, outstretched arms reach for the sky
Tears fill her eyes as she wonders why God wont reply

She’ll force a smile and tell you she’s okay
After all, time heals all wounds isn’t that what they say?

Death took a life away from her far too soon
Leaving behind a sadness inside that will always loom

Friends avoid saying the name, thinking they’re being kind
But she’d rather keep the memories alive, not confined to her mind

Her sad eyes are a constant reminder of what came to pass
She asks again and again, why wasn’t their time here meant to last?

Through sleepless nights and endless tears
The pain will stay with her for the rest of her years

She waits for the day when her name is called
So she can join the one she loved and lost once and for all.

(C) 2006 rowan lore


tools of the manipulator

They are used to bring forth truths
But also falsehoods

They are used to open the mind
But also to close it

They are used to inform us all
But also misinform

They are the tools of the manipulator
All twenty-six of them

(C) rowan lore 1996

she’s a pill

she displays her entrails
for the world to see
and watches as the vultures
pick her apart

you’ll feel for her
like she’s your very own
but she’ll wave you off
for your pity and shame

she’s a pill
think you can take it?
she’s a pill
better leave it alone

she’ll pull you in
with her sweet siren
that alluring sound
will make you a wreck

now dont get a crush
cause you dont really know
what she’s capable of
or if she really cares

she’s a pill
think you can take it?
she’s a pill
better leave it alone

she’s a pill
think you can take it?
she’s a pill
better leave it alone


(c) 2007 rowan lore


the artist

thoughts course her veins
through her fingertips
a brush lashes out
the canvas bleeds

colours unfold
under a tainted light
sketch an empathic angel
draw a disconcerting man

upon further examination
with an untrained eye
her heart and soul
are what shine through

be it a joyous moment
or one of great pain
she’ll show herself
in all her glory

a release for the mind
a lift for the spirit
her life as an artist
is one she beholds

family keeps her grounded
art keeps her sane
no matter the media
the effects the same

(C) 2007 rowan lore