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Current Work

I have currently finished a novel that begs to ask us, ‘What happens to families after the crime tape is pulled down and tossed away?”

After finishing quite a few rounds of edits, I am in the process of querying for a agent.

My Life After Life

“I remember every moment of my life, from my first kiss to the knife that plunged into my chest as I exhaled my last breath.”

Arlene Davis is a young, 20-year-old student living off campus on her own. Her plan was to finish college, become a critical care surgeon, and start a family of her own. Instead her spirit is now anchored to the physical world of which she is no longer exists.

Her murder has left her family in utter turmoil. Each of them dealing with it differently. After being deeply depressed for some time her mother becomes an advocate for families who’ve suffered loss. Her father, overindulges in his work, drinking and golf. Her younger brother hangs on to a bitter rage which almost kills him. Even her best friend, Jeanette tries to soldier through life, but she isn’t the same—no one is.

Arlene’s spirit is torn between being there with her family as she watches them struggle to define their new lives without her, and trying to find a way to move on and leave the physical world behind. She is confused, helpless and angry at times as she shadows her loved ones, wanting to help, wanting to tell them she’s OK.


Never take a single day for granted—enjoy your life —treasure it.
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    the prisoner a prisoner of your own device locked away for an eternity …

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